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Welcoming 2015

There’s something about the New Year that resonates with most of us.  We tend to look back at the prior year, acknowledge the good and the bad it held.  From there we look ahead and wonder. What will the New Year bring?  Will it be significant?  Will something bad happen?  Will I finally reach my goal weight?  Will I meet the man or woman of my dreams?  The list goes on. Some years prove to be monumental.  Others are non-descript.  As I was mulling over my 2014 (which was pretty amazing) I couldn’t help but think back to 2004 – […]
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Panting on Lake Titicaca

There are moments when I realize I might possibly be in a situation I’m not equipped to handle.  It’s never when I’m researching my next adventure, never when I’m booking it and never when I first embark.  No, that would be too easy.  The moments invariably come when I’m knee deep into the adventure and there’s no turning back.  Such was my experience when I decided to book a home-stay visit with a family on Amantani Island on Lake Titicaca in Peru. I thought it would be a wonderful cultural experience to go into a home of a family, have […]
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Grandma Got Her Butt Kicked by a Reindeer

Every career path comes with hazards. Take an office job for example – paper cuts are painful but the real hazard usually comes from boredom. Travel writers face hazards too. I’ve encountered a giant spider in a jungle cabana, broken a toe climbing over slippery rocks at the mouth of a 300 million year old cave and even caused a cow stampede – nothing as lame as a paper cut. My recent trip to Norway brought a most unusual hazard…a mishap with a reindeer. I was on a press trip that included a visit to […]
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Subway Snippets

Photo by George Medina   A little bit of crazy… What’s not to love about riding the NYC subways? For $2.50 I get transportation and entertainment. Like the guy last night who was 100% certified crazy. Dude was dancing in his seat, stopped long enough to hack up a lung – which he checked for in his hands, Then he alternated between laughing like a hyena, telling himself to shut up then telling himself to wake up. There’s a whole lotta personalities inside that one…oh & a fifth of vodka fell out of his jacket. Home Sweet Train… Riding home on the […]